Worth it

Jesus is worth it?

Everything has a price. Nothing is free these days, everything has a price and the prices keep rising.

Education, child care, petrol, holidays, bread, electricity, houses, health insurance… Everything keeps getting more expensive. And at some point you need to ask: Is it worth it? Can you find a cheaper option or should you just go without? That’s normal.

That’s how it is with most things, but what about Jesus?

What is knowing Jesus worth? What will it cost?

These are questions some people ask. They’re questions Jesus actually asked his first followers. He encouraged them to think first before saying they would follow him.

And why? Because following Jesus is no small thing. Being a disciple of Jesus was a very big deal back then. It was a very costly thing.

Jesus said that following him meant giving up your very life. Not so encouraging maybe! So the question needs to be asked – was it worth it?  Is it worth is today?

My answer: there is only one way to find out! And the path to finding out starts with completing the sentence for yourself: ‘Jesus is _____.’ Who is Jesus? It’s only as you answer that question for yourself, that you’ll know if it’s worth it.

Of course, as you answer the questions, you may just find yourself joining with millions of others who have already come to a fantastic conclusion already – that Jesus is… worth it!

Dave Lanham is minister at Frenchs Forest Anglican Church

Dave Lanham from Frenchs Forest, NSW Australia