He’s not a fictional BBC character of the 20th and 21st Century, but he is the Lord of Time.

Timelords apparently see time as non-linear.  It seems they can see time as it was and is and as it may be – all at once. They have the ability to traverse time, forward and backward in an effort to carry out their self-appointed role as guardians of time itself.

Like the good Doctor, Jesus can travel through space and time. However, he has no need of a totally cool, yet slightly odd-looking, late 1920’s blue police box.

But there the similarities end.

Jesus doesn’t possess 2 hearts, nor does he have an ever-changing face. His companions aren’t selected for their acting ability or visual aesthetic; the eyewitness accounts do not mention an electro-mechanical dog, nor was anyone safely home for tea and another adventure next week.

Jesus is way more real.

Humans, on earth, exist in the ever forward moving, linear dimension of time.

Jesus, as God, was there at the beginning. The universe (and time) had a beginning. But God did not – he exists outside of time and will continue to exist when time – as we know it – stops.

The Bible tells us, in Revelation 4:11, that God created all things – you, me, the planet, the Milky Way and other galaxies – the whole box and dice.

The Bible also say that Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead… This is the same Jesus that the Bible describes hanging about 2000 years ago.

He may not have a sonic screwdriver to get himself and his companions out of a bad situation. But by his death on the cross, he has the only way to get all humanity to the right relationship with God.

Before you write off the life of Jesus just as a story, worthy of a movie or documentary or two, check it out for yourself.

Don’t take someone else’s word for it – think for yourself, look at the facts, both in the Bible and other historical sources from that time – and come to a decision about the claims, life and death of Jesus.

Jonathan Miller attends Dapto Anglican Church.

Jonathan Miller