The reason I’m alive

Elliot went to a motel room on Christmas Eve intent on killing himself. Even as a husband and father Elliot, had lived most of his life out of control. Drugs and alcohol had unravelled his life and his wife had finally put him out of their home. As he sat in the motel room, he saw a book lying on top of the TV. Looking down he saw it was a Bible and said: “Phe! Who needs that.” So he swept it onto the floor, but it fell open at his feet. Elliot bent down and picked up that Bible and read these words “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.” The man who had no peace was introduced to the giver of peace. In what followed, Elliot’s life was transformed – his wife and family were restored to him because he found hope and peace in Jesus.

Amy’s life was in free fall because of drugs. Unable to hold down a job, Amy’s soul was in constant turmoil and her relationship with her family was at breaking point. Amy’s mum just wanted to fix her and make it all better but was powerless to help. Not knowing what to do the family committed Amy to a hospital. When her mum went to visit her Amy said, “Look what someone came and gave me”, and as she spoke she lifted up a Bible. “I don’t know what part of the Bible touched Amy’s heart,” said her mum, “but the girl who came out of that hospital was not the same girl who went in. She was fresh and new, and her mind was clear.”

As a 17 years old student of Delhi University, in a well-to-do family with a father in a good government position, Ravi seemed to have everything. Everything, except for one thing … he had no reason in his heart to want to live. So one morning, when his family was out, he mixed a chemical cocktail and drank it in the seclusion of his bathroom. What followed was a living hell as he lost control of his body. A family servant heard his anguish and got him rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital the doctor said to him, “I have made you well, but I cannot make you want to live.” As Ravi Zacharias tells his story, he follows the doctor’s words with: “But he did.” Lifting up a Bible, Ravi points to the fact that he is alive because of Jesus Christ.

People look for reasons to live because of relationships; but they come and go. People look for reasons to live in work and success; but it never quite reaches expectation. People look for reasons to live in the wealth that they have; but they never seem to have enough.

People want a reason to live, but it is not found in us, our families or in our accomplishments. Our reason to live is found in one man… Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection has given all who seek him the greatest reason to live – forgiveness and peace with God, a hope that outshines this world into the world to come. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

If you are looking for true life, hope and peace like Elliot, Amy and Ravi… then look no further than Jesus Christ. Pick up a Bible, go visit a church and talk with the pastor, and get to know Jesus Christ.

Colin Grant
Christian Reformed Church of Wollongong