Gaining Ground

Jesus is gaining ground.

There was a time when everyone was happy to believe in Jesus, when most kids went to Sunday School, and when Christmas & Easter had something to do with God.

Things have changed a lot in the last 40 years. Most people don’t go to church unless they have to, fewer read the Bible, and some kids get Christmas and Easter mixed up.

Things have changed but they are also changing again. The rise of the ‘New Atheism’ tried to sideline Christianity as a crackpot religion with no historical basis. The problem is that the historical Jesus is very real for anyone who wants to find out.

There is more myth about the ‘non-existent Jesus’ than the Jesus followed by millions of Christians around the world.

This is all leading to the fact that Jesus is again gaining ground. Those who continue to follow Jesus are able to find out more about who he is than any generation before.

There is more historical support for the life of Jesus, for the veracity of the Bible than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be following Jesus and it is a worthwhile adventure to ask the question ‘Jesus Is…?’

Dave Lanham is minister at Frenchs Forest Anglican Church.

Dave Lanham