Blue Cheese

Jesus is… blue cheese!

A 2015 survey of most hated foods in the UK found that over 1/3 of people hate blue cheese. It was 7th on the list.

Generally cheese is loved, just not that variety. I don’t think people mind that others like blue cheese, as long as the smell doesn’t affect me!

How is Jesus like blue cheese?

If Christians want to believe in Jesus, then fine. But it’s not for me. And I don’t want them near me talking about it.

2017 research showed 68% of Australians follow a religion or have spiritual beliefs. And 45% identified with Christianity. The biggest change is that 1/3 of people don’t identify with any religion.

People are still talking though. Just over half of people report having religious conversations with friends often or occasionally.

Perhaps talking about the meaning of life with people you trust smells a little less.

In fact, when you trust someone, and see an authentic life, we want to know why people live that way.

Mike’s* friend died tragically two years ago. Around that time he struggled to talk with the guys he saw daily. One of them asked what happened and Mike explained. His mate was surprised that Mike had been able to be friendly at all during that time. He’d been through similar times and was worse. He asked how Mike did it.

Mike was a Christian. So he talked about the hope Jesus gave in death, and how a Christian grieves with that hope.

It’s the authentic life that we are attracted to, when people’s life matches their beliefs.

The opposite is true. I worked in a place where the other Christian was known as the “lazy person”. No one was particularly interested in finding out about Jesus from her.

Jesus’ life stands out as beautiful and amazing. I recommend you read Luke’s account of Jesus’ life (online here).

But perhaps find a Christian friend who lives it out and ask them.

Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to God except through me.’ (John 14:6)

If that’s true then Jesus is for you. And that smells great!

Find a person who can explain why, without smelling like blue cheese.

Matt Bales is Assistant Minister at Minto Anglican Church.

*name changed


Matt Bales