better than Mt Panorama

Last year a friend of mine posted about the Bathurst 1000. I’ve got to confess that I really love motor racing. And for Aussie motor racing fans, 161 laps of Bathurst is as good as it gets.

So when I saw my friend had posted something about Bathurst I dropped everything to read it.

Before I was a Christian I used to watch Bathurst from 7am till the end of the race (about 5pm).

I’ll never forget the anxiety of the year Vanessa sent me out to buy take-away lunch during the Great Race. What relief to discover the shop was broadcasting the race, so I didn’t miss too much!

I still love motor racing. But the truth is that compared to Christ, watching Bathurst for a day just isn’t as exciting as it once was. The realism of life following Jesus – and meeting with his people – trumps the escapism of motor racing.

Jesus is better than Bathurst!

When I’m at the race track, I’m happy to sit with the “Blue Oval Brigade” and barrack for the Falcons, but it’s just not that important. Being a Ford fan just doesn’t really impact my life or my future. Following Jesus is completely different.

Following Jesus changes everything, my loves, my priorities and my passions.

Now of course, I wouldn’t be the first person in history to swap one passion for another. But in this case I was a reluctant convert.

I don’t follow Jesus because I find Christianity so exciting or because he makes me feel good but because I am absolutely convinced that his resurrection, 2000 years ago, has changed the world forever.

So yes, I do love motor racing – it’s just that now, I wouldn’t trade a day meeting with God’s people for it.

Jim Douglass is the Minister of Narellan Anglican Church.

Jim Douglass